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Experienced NY Traffic Ticket Attorneys

You understand the consequences of traffic ticket convictions and know the reasons you should plead not guilty and fight. Points, insurance increases, suspensions/revocations, employment issues, large state assessments …

The fact is that your chances of success (avoiding these consequences) are significantly greater … Read More

“Polish” traffic ticket joke for the new year…

Just read this story and thought it was funny.  It is NOT actually what you may consider a Polish joke and we don’t endorse jokes which promote racial or ethnic stereotypes.  We really don’t.  If anything, this is a government/DMV joke. Those we fully endorse and embrace on every level…… Read More

10 for 2010 Driving Resolutions for the New Year. 6-10: Financial

We can’t help if you are installing a 42 inch plasma into the back of the car (not recommended) or even spending money on fancy Yosemite Sam mud flaps.  However, we can offer a few easy tips with respect to minimizing the cost of car ownership and your driving privilege … Read More

10 for 2010 Driving Resolutions for the New Year. 1-5: Safety

We’re dividing our top ten driving related resolutions for 2010 into two categories.—Safety and Financial.

First we’ll look at five simple things drivers can do to make their driving experiences that much more safe in the new year.

1. Inspect and adjust your car before driving. Of course we are … Read More

The most accidents and speeding tickets? Lawyers and doctors.

Two of the professions historically linked with car crashes have been doctors (to help the injured) and lawyers (to help the injured collect).

Turns out these professions are actually linked with car accidents in a more direct fashion. Doctors and lawyers are at the top of a report recently released … Read More

Nassau County and Suffolk County teens pledge not to text and drive

Nearly 1,700 high school students on Long Island recently pledged not to text and drive. It was part of a nationwide awareness campaign about the dangers of texting and distracted driving.

After hearing a presentation that texting while driving is like driving with your eyes closed, 875 students at Bethpage … Read More

Parking Ticket grace period unlikely to make a difference.

The NYC City Council approved a bill on Monday (11/16/09) that would provide a five-minute grace period to drivers who are late to feed a muni-meter or move their cars on street-cleaning days.  The five-minute period would apply to muni-meters, which control parking spaces and issue a receipt stating the … Read More

Route 17 NY speeding tickets

Between 2006 and 2008, 553 tickets were issued for speeding at 100 mph or higher in Orange County, Sullivan County and Ulster County.

Almost half of those were issued on State Route 17.

In comparison, police issued 160 tickets to drivers of 100 mph or more on the Thruway, and … Read More

Some thoughts on traffic in NY

According to the 2009 Urban Mobility Report, we spend 4.2 billion hours sitting in traffic each year.

That’s a lot of hours.  In case you are curious, that adds up to the total number of hours in the entire lifetime of approximately 6,244 men.  Over 6,000 entire lifetimes in a … Read More

A special trick for avoiding traffic tickets?

I read a short article this morning on the Tampa Tribune website. It posed the question of whether “there is some sort of technique to getting out of traffic citations.”

It caught my eye because it hit on a point I’ve been trying to make for years. Everyone wants to … Read More