California Amnesty Program Set to End

If you have unpaid traffic tickets in California, you may have just missed the deadline to take advantage of the state’s amnesty program. Officials understand that some people don’t pay traffic tickets because they simply can’t afford to, so they wanted to make it easier. An amnesty program was started Read More

Denver Residents to See Ease in Penalties

A bill has been introduced in Denver that would ease the penalties drivers face when they fail to pay traffic citations. That bill is slowly working its way through the state legislature. House Bill 1162 has made it over the first hurdle in the House Judiciary Committee and is being Read More

Man In Federal Court Over Ticket

“How far do I want to take this?” It’s a question many people ask themselves when they decide to fight a traffic ticket. Most people stop when a judge finds them guilty of the infraction. Not so for a man in California. A 73-year-old man has taken his red-light ticket Read More