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Buffalo ticket war

I have a feeling this story will make people happy.

City parking enforcement officers in Buffalo, NY (Erie County), who issue the orange- colored parking tickets we all hate to see when we get back to our parked car, have themselves been issued numerous New York traffic tickets recently.

Buffalo police officers have been issuing the parking enforcement officers vehicle and traffic tickets for failure to wear seat belts.  In other words, while patrolling for parking violations, they are committing moving violations.

Apparently this is payback by the police for a number of parking tickets on their privately owned vehicles when they park in restricted areas outside Police Headquarters.

It’s a legitimate ticket war.

The city corporation counsel’s office actually had to step in and issue a ruling that parking enforcers driving city vehicles are exempt from wearing seat belts.  They site NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law Sec. 1229-C(4) which exempts “authorized emergency vehicles” from the seat belt regulations.

In my opinion, this exemption does not apply to the parking enforcement vehicles.  The NYS VTL sets forth a number of vehicles which qualify as “emergency vehicles”.  The definition is pretty specific and goes as far as including police bicycles and sanitation patrol vehicles.  There is no mention at all of parking enforcement.

Hopefully they can keep issuing tickets to each other and forget about the rest of us.

If you’ve been issued an Erie County traffic ticket or other NY traffic violation, feel free to contact us anytime.

Submitted by Scott Feifer