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This form should be used for a NEW CLIENT INQUIRY/REQUEST FOR CONSULT.

1. Get a name. We want full name but some people are hesitant so we’ll accept last name only if necessary. SPELLING IS IMPORTANT. Please do everything possible to get the spelling correct.

2. Phone number. We make “mobile” mandatory but just get their best contact number and put it in that field. If they want to leave multiple numbers, you can put the second number in the second field.

3. Email. We don’t require it b/c people can be hesitant on consult or think we’re selling something so don’t were can i buy cialis need to ask. However, if they prefer that contact method, go ahead and get it. Careful with accuracy please.

4. Lead source. Rules are as follows…

5. Caller was transferred to… Answeringlegal–please let us know who, if anyone, you were able to connect with when you called the sales group.

5. Notes. Let us know about the inquiry. Get info you can without pushing too hard if they aren’t sure of the details, we’ll figure it out on consult. Goal for us is to know what they need help with and where (county/court/town..tell us something about where). NOTE ON FORMAT–please precede notes with a date. 11/17/15: Speed in Queens, etc….

Contact Us – Answering Service Inquiry

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