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Delivery Professionals Risking Traffic Tickets to Earn a Living

Move through any major city and you are likely to encounter at least one bike messenger. These people are often in business for themselves, pedaling deliveries from business to business. These men and women can ride nearly 50 miles a day in a business where speed equals money.  

Independent delivery people and small companies are not only delivering messages by bicycle. They are delivering products and food by bicycle, motorcycle, scooter or car as well. The demand for these types of business to business deliveries within a city has become so high that what was once a lucrative business with many opportunities is now a flooded and competitive market.

Add to the competition increased congestion on the streets and other various obstacles — one such delivery person recently spoke to reporters, detailing a day in which he went through three bicycle tubes due to flats — and you have a service that is becoming increasingly difficult to provide.

While the extent of these challenges varies city by city, it’s fair to say that New York City is at the top of the challenging city list.  To combat all the various challenges and struggles facing these businesses, it has become more important than ever to make as many deliveries as possible as quickly as possible.  This leads to dangerous maneuvers, accidents, blown red lights, failure to signal, obstructing intersections — and potentially traffic tickets from enforcement officers.   

The job is still an attractive one to many. It’s a useful service, keeps people out of an office and comes with some flexibility. If you are a delivery person in NYC or other NYS city, drive or bike carefully. If you end up receiving a ticket (on bicycle car or other vehicle) as you attempt  to do your job as quickly and efficiently as possible, you have the legal right to fight that ticket. Reach out to our team of attorneys today for assistance if you have any questions.