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Don’t Warm Your Car if You Live in Michigan


New York residents can sympathize with the rest of the north and midwest: Getting into a cold car in the morning can be brutal. To try an avoid the freezing effects of driving in the winter, many of us head out to the car 5 or 10 minutes before we are ready to leave, start the ignition and let it warm up. A Michigan man recently found himself wishing he would have just dealt with the cold.

Nick Taylor headed out to his car one early morning and started it up. He left his vehicle running in his driveway in an attempt to warm it up. When he returned just a few minutes later, he saw a ticket sticking out from under his wiper. Much to Taylor’s irritation, he quickly discovered that he was being told to pay $128 for what essentially amounted to, in the eyes of the law, putting the public at risk.

According to Roseville police Chief James Berlin, “This is purely a public safety issue.” Police say that people with remote starts are not subject to the same restrictions. Why? Because there are no keys in the ignition and vehicles with these starter systems also have technology in place that prevents thieves from being able to steal the cars and trucks equipped with remote start.

Experts do say that warming up a car probably isn’t the best thing for the vehicle, but tell that to a commuter on a frigid morning. A little bit of wear on the engine might be worth getting into a toasty vehicle. The question here, though, is getting into a toasty car worth $128?

If you receive a ticket in New York, an experienced traffic ticket attorney may be able to assist you in fighting that ticket. Reach out to Feifer & Greenberg for help today. You do have the right to fight your citation — don’t pay a ticket you don’t agree with without first consulting an attorney.