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Fake Sign Leads to Real Traffic Tickets

It happened in Arden Heights. A fake “no left turn” sign resulted in several real traffic tickets. Residents are up in arms that they have to pay for violating a sign that shouldn’t have been there. The unauthorized sign was discovered at the corner of Arden Avenue and Woodrow Road.

Construction had been taking place in Autumn of 2016 just down the road from the intersection. Many people, as so many of us do, drove as they always had, not even noticing the small sign posted to a telephone pole, advising that turning left was not permitted. Despite claiming not to have noticed the new sign, several area residents were ticketed by an officer posted at the intersection. Fighting the tickets had no positive result for the residents, who were told to pay up.

After an investigation into the sign, it was determined that it was not authorized or put in place by the Department of Transportation. It remains unknown who hung the sign, but it is assumed that it may have been a contractor working at the construction site. If it was a contractor, they placed the sign without being authorized to do so and, no matter who hung the sign, because it was not authorized by the DOT, it was unenforceable.

That fact did not seem to matter to Judge Brian Levine, who ordered at least one resident to pay $125 for the ticket the resident received. Councilman Joe Borelli was not surprised. Said Borelli, “Once again, Judge Levine proves to be a notorious headline maker, this time by now intimidating and convicting people of violating unauthorized signs. He has long disregarded all common sense in his decision making, but can now add ignorance of the evidence to his repertoire. This is not the end and we will continue to try to rectify the situation for those innocently and wrongly ticketed.”

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