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21 Dec2017

Firefighter Arrested Over Traffic Agent Assault

It sounds like something you would see on television or in a movie: A firefighter and a traffic agent duking it out on the streets. It’s not exactly what happened in Queens, but it’s close.

According to reports things got a bit heated on a street in Richmond Hill on December 27. A traffic agent noticed a car parked illegally just after 8:00 a.m. and issued a ticket. When the driver of the vehicle noticed the ticket, he got angry and began an argument with the female traffic agent.

The man, a firefighter with nine years on the job, ended up ripping the shield off of the woman’s chest. The FDNY firefighter was arrested and charged with obstructing governmental administration, criminal mischief and harassment. A spokesperson for the FDNY said that the man has been suspended from Engine 293, but did not say how long that suspension would last.

While it’s fair to say that not everyone agrees with the traffic citation or parking violation they were issued, there are much better ways of handling the situation. In some ways, this individual was “lucky” he was only issued a parking violation that he disagreed with.  Had he been issued a moving violation, he’d be looking at potential license points and insurance increases on top of the fine.

If you have been ticketed in New York, you have the right to fight that ticket in court.  If you’ve been charged with a moving violation in NY, it’s well worth a short consult with an attorney to see if you can avoid points, insurance increases and other potential issues that may result from a conviction.  Feel free to give our office a ring anytime if you have any questions about a summons issued for a moving violation that you may want to contest.