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Fix speeding tickets the right way

A woman on Facebook recently posted a request for getting several traffic tickets fixed.

Another woman, identifying herself as a chief investigator for the Houston Fire Department, responded that she may be able to help because she knew the particular officer involved.

Shortly thereafter the same chief investigator followed up with a post that the tickets would be taken care of. A little later she wrote again and confirmed that the traffic tickets had been ripped up.

Now an investigation is underway as Houston officials are wondering just how a speeding ticket got thrown out after a simple, very public plea on Facebook.

The Houston Firefighter’s Union says the person who posted the request is the daughter of a veteran fire fighter who recently died. They say she was actually out making funeral arrangements at the time she received the traffic tickets in question.

While her behavior may have ultimately been excused by a court and the tickets ultimately dismissed, this was simply not the smartest way to go about it. The lesson here isn’t to avoid asking for help if you have a good reason and know people who may be able to help with your traffic tickets. It’s just that if you do ask, do it PRIVATELY…