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Close up hand of woman prisoner holding old iron bar in jail
05 Dec2017

Georgia Judge Resigns Over Sentence for Citation

A judge in Decatur, Georgia has resigned after a report was released detailing his sentencing of a woman on her 20th wedding anniversary over a traffic ticket. Judge Lindsay Jones was a judge in Decatur’s municipal court.

According to reports, the Judge sentenced a woman to two days in jail in November, claiming she committed perjury when she lied about a traffic ticket. The judge said that the woman’s lie was proven when a video clearly showed her traffic violation. Whether the woman actually intentionally lied about committing the violation was not immediately clear. What was clear, however, is that the woman was sentenced to time behind bars.

The story broke two weeks ago and the judge insisted that he did not resign. Later, the city manager did confirm the fact as did Chief Judge Stroud saying that the judge had “tendered his verbal resignation.” Why the judge chose to resign once the public became aware of the sentencing of the woman is unknown.

People fight traffic tickets in court every day, and this is the first that anyone’s been sentenced after being accused of perjury when there was a video of their stop. Whether the sentence was fair is up for opinion.

If you have been issued a traffic ticket in New York, you have the legal right to fight that ticket. Reach out to our office today for more information about our firm and how we can help you. You are well within your rights to take your case to court.