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Get Ready to Pay More in Suffolk County

Last year, Suffolk County scrapped a proposal to raise the price of some traffic tickets after a public outcry. Now, the county is revisiting the idea.

According to reports, a controversial surcharge is once again being considered by the Traffic and Parking Violations Bureau. The surcharge would double current administrative fees. Despite irate citizens voicing their opinions, the county legislature is considering raising the fees to produce revenue for the cash-poor government.

The county is currently facing a deficit of $160 million. While the fees are not popular, they are something that need to be put in place. The county’s presiding officer, DuWayne Gregory, said, in part, “Not sure if we have the support to do it, but it is one of the options that was put in the budget for this year, that we do have to consider.”

Citizens say that you can’t raise the fees as a money-making measure. In many instances, the administrative fees would climb higher than the fine for the violation. For example, a minor parking ticket carries a fine of $35. The administrative fee, if the measure passes, would be $110. This sends a parking violation ticket to $145 instead of the current $90.

If you are charged with a traffic violation in New York, you have rights. Don’t assume that your only option is to pay the fine. Call our office today and schedule a free case evaluation. We will discuss the circumstances of your ticket and your charges and advise you of your legal options.