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11 Jan2018

Out of State Conviction

In the state of New York, an out of state conviction can have serious consequences. New York participates in the Interstate Driver’s License Compact (IDLC) and the National Driver Register (NDR).

The IDLC dictates that each state who has joined is required to treat a driving under the influence conviction handed down in a sister state be treated as if it occurred in their own. In other words, if a person is convicted of DUI in a sister state, that person will be subject to the same license-suspending or license-revoking penalties in New York.

Drivers should not be fooled into thinking that a DUI conviction will not follow them back to New York. The IDLC rules require that the convicting jurisdiction report the case to the licensing jurisdiction. The report given to the home state must include the identity of the convicted driver, a description of any laws violated, a report of the person’s plea and any special findings. The home state can then give the same effect as the out-of-state court would.

In plain words: If you are convicted of DUI in another state, that state’s DMV will notify the New York DMV. The DMV would then treat your conviction as if it occurred within the state. While you will not face additional court costs, fines or jail time in New York, you will face a license suspension or revocation.

Being convicted of a DUI in another state is as serious as being convicted of a DUI in New York. Drivers are urged to operate their vehicles with care while traveling to avoid such charges.