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11 Jan2018

Pace Speeding Ticket

In the state of New York, police have a variety of methods with which to determine if a driver is travelling above the speed limit. One of these methods is called pacing. You may be given a pace speeding ticket if a police officer believes you have been traveling higher than the speed limit.

Pacing occurs when a police officer believes that you are speeding and falls in line behind your vehicle. The officer begins to drive at the same rate of speed, checks their speedometer and notes the speed. This is a legal way of catching speeders in the state of New York and you could very well be found guilty in traffic court, provided the officer is able to prove that they followed your vehicle at that rate of speed for a reasonable distance.

Fighting a speeding ticket received after being paced is possible. There are variables involved in a pace speeding ticket that can be argued. For example, the officer must have followed the driver for a reasonable distance and they must have kept a constant distance between cars. If these things did not occur, winning a case in traffic court is possible.

Many people believe that a police officer can only prove that a driver was speeding if a laser or radar was utilized just before the stop to determine the exact speed. This is not the case in New York. Pace speeding tickets are perfectly legal to issue, but they can be fought in traffic court like any other ticket.