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11 Jan2018

Queens North TVB Office

In the state of New York, the Queens North TVB Office is located at 30-56 Whitestone Expressway, 2nd Floor, Flushing. The office can be contacted by calling (718) 488-5710.

The Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) is the department that handles non-criminal moving traffic violations. The TVB is commonly referred to as traffic court. The TVB in New York was set up with the intent of freeing other courts’ time and allowing those courts to concentrate on criminal matters.

The TVB hears cases that involve moving violations such as speeding. Drivers arrested for driving with a revoked or suspended license and those charged with driving under the influence of alcohol are not seen in traffic court, but in criminal court.

When you appear in TVB and plead not guilty, your case will be heard by what is called a DMV Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). This person is an experienced attorney who has undergone special training in order to have the authority to determine the guilt or innocence of a person charged with a moving violation. The ALJ also has the authority to suspend or revoke driver’s licenses.

The TVB works much like a traditional court. When a driver appears before an ALJ, they are permitted to present evidence and witnesses on their own behalf. Defendants are also permitted to utilize the services of an attorney if they desire to do so. Any ticket issued to a driver should be handled promptly. Information on how to handle the ticket can be found on its back.