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11 Jan2018

Speeding in a Work Zone

In the state of New York, speeding in a work zone has stiffer penalties than an average citation. Driving above the speed limit through a work zone will not only increase your fines and other penalties, but it can cause a dramatic increase in your auto insurance premiums.

Speeding through a work zone is considered a serious offense. Drivers who move recklessly through these zones endanger the lives of construction and road workers. In fact, speeds through these areas are typically lowered in an effort to keep these men and women safe. Hundreds of workers are injured or killed every year due to reckless drivers.

Under state law, a “work zone” is any location along a roadway or highway where workers, their equipment and supplies are located. Drivers should note that the absence of workers does not mean that the area is not considered a work zone. If there are barriers and/or signage, the area is designated a work zone even if no work is actively taking place.

In New York, driving up to 10 miles per hour over the posted work zone speed limit results in 3 points. Driving 11 to 20 miles per hour over the limit will net 4 points on a driver’s license. In addition, fine amounts of a typical citation are doubled. If a driver is caught traveling 21 miles or more over the speed limit and found guilty of the offense, 6 points will be given and the driver must pay the NYS Driver Responsibility Assessment.