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11 Jan2018


In the state of New York, people have the option of contacting Uber for a ride to anywhere they need to go. Uber is a ride-sharing app that allows users to contact available drivers with the tap of a finger. Uber is a good option for commuters who have no use for a vehicle, those who are not able to drive legally, or those who need a safe ride home after a night on the town.

Because riders do not have to schedule their ride in advance, pickups are available around the clock. A ride can be requested any day of the year and at any time. Once the application is opened, the user chooses their ride and location. Their driver’s picture is displayed along with the details of the vehicle that will be arriving to pick them up. Riders can track their driver’s arrival in real time.

Once the ride is completed, users can rate their driver and trip anonymously. Uber encourages riders to take advantage of the ability to rate drivers and their general experience in the interest of improving the company’s service. Potential riders can also use the app to get an estimate of their ride’s cost. In most cases, taking Uber is more budget-friendly than calling upon a taxi service. In all cases, choosing Uber is cheaper than being charged with and convicted of driving under the influence.

The Uber fare is charged to the rider’s preferred payment method they put on file with the company. This negates the need to carry cash for the ride and driver’s tip. This is one of the ways that Uber strives to ensure the safety of both riders and drivers.