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Interesting Old Article On The Elks “War Against Ticket-Fixing”

I thought this old article from 1937 was very interesting for two reasons.  First, in contrast to what’s predominant today, we see an organization more concerned with too few tickets written and too many people using whatever means necessary to get out of paying tickets issued to them.  Next, compare the numbers of concern in 1937 (37,900 deaths and 1,300,000 injuries) to today.  In 2009, there were 33,963 deaths and 2,217,000 injuries.  While I don’t have exact statistics going back to 1937, safe to say there are many many more vehicles and licensed drivers on the road today, yet fatal accidents have actually decreased from 1937.  That says a lot about how far the technology of vehicular safety has come.

From the Evening Independent, Oct. 25, 1937.

Elks To Carry On War Against Ticket-Fixing.

Elks Lodges in 1400 American Cities will begin this week a campaign against the “insidious evil” of traffic ticket “fixing,” Major Charles Spencer Hart, grand exalted ruler, said today.

The head of the Elks said 500,000 members would participate in a nationwide safety drive and work for the elimination of traffic hazards.

We will seek to pledge every Elk in the United States to agree not to attempt to ‘fix’  traffic tickets”, he said.

“With this nucleus of half a million men who are leaders in their community leading the fight to make ticket “fixing” unsportsmanlike and unpopular, we hope to enlist the aid of other organizations and gradually stamp out this insidious evil, leading to a reduction in America’s annual traffic oll of 37,900 deaths and 1,300,000 injuries.

Submitted by Scott Feifer, Esq.