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Is “I’m Topless” A Valid Excuse For Speeding?

I can only imagine how many different stories and excuses officers hear when they pull someone over for speeding. Here’s a new one.

A woman from Fort McCoy, Florida told an officer the reason she was speeding and the reason she didn’t stop when the the officer attempted to pull her over was because she was topless.

The incident started when a deputy on patrol initiated a car stop after observing what was otherwise a routine situation–a vehicle driving 70 in a 55 zone. The pickup truck, however, ran a stop sign, clipped a tree and turned into a residence, and the deputy lost sight of the vehicle

The pickup was ultimately located by a sheriff’s helicopter. The driver explained she couldn’t stop because she was topless and the owner of the vehicle later added that she “did something stupid trying to impress me.”

My advice to those wishing to avoid this situation is simple. Wear a shirt while driving and, if an officer tries to pull you over, stop immediately or risk getting abreasted arrested.

Scott Feifer, Esq