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“Jackass” Co-Star Ryan Dunn Had Many Speeding Tickets, Poor Driving Record

Ryan Dunn died in a fiery crash this week.

He was undeterred by the many speeding tickets he was issued over the years and the numerous driving related legal matters he dealt with.  He continued to drive the way he liked to drive and ultimately this cost him his life.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, over the past 13 years Dunn’s driving record shows over 20 incidents, including 10 speeding and careless driving stops, three times driving with a suspended license and a drunken driving arrest from 2005.

Dunn’s Porsche literally disintegrated on impact early Monday morning after it flew over a guardrail, tore through trees and erupted in flames.

Police accident reconstruction shows the car was going at least 130 mph.

While toxicology reports will take four to six weeks, there is a chance alcohol played a role here as well.  Despite a local bar manager’s statement that he saw Dunn leave and did not believe him to be drunk, Dunn did post pictures of himself on twitter earlier that evening drinking and enjoying an evening which just didn’t seem as if it should have ended with him behind the wheel.