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Parking Violation
28 Dec2017

Man Indicted for Assaulting Traffic Agent

A man who was less than pleased about being given a ticket threatened to kill the NYPD traffic agent who issued the ticket. That man has now been indicted.

According to reports, the traffic agent noticed that a school bus couldn’t get through traffic because of a double parked car. The incident on November 1 caused the traffic agent to issue a ticket to the vehicle.  As the agent was writing the ticket, the driver exited a nightclub and told the agent he would move the car. The agent walked away and the man stayed in place.

Because the man hadn’t moved his vehicle, the agent handed him a ticket. The driver then ran up behind the agent, threatening her. He also threw open her vehicle’s door onto her knee. The driver also said that he would take the agent’s gun and kill her. It was noted that traffic enforcement agents do not carry firearms.

The man’s attorney entered a not guilty plea for him in court on December 21. The date of the man’s next hearing was not immediately known.

While this incident revolved around a parking ticket (no points and no insurance impact means no lawyer necessary), the lesson here applies to all interactions with police.  Aggressive, even threatening behavior, will only make things worse. You’ll end up with the original ticket, potential “add on” tickets and a likely a bigger criminal charge as well.  

If you’ve been charged with a moving violation and issued a traffic ticket in New York, do your best to remain calm and reach out to our office for a free case evaluation. We know getting a ticket can be a very frustrating situation but let a lawyer review the details of your case and offer some practical advice regarding the charges.