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Man holding phone driving
12 Dec2017

Maryland Man Takes to Social Media Following Traffic Ticket

Imagine being pulled over for a traffic infraction and getting a ticket. You are understandably irritated and maybe even a bit angry. That said, you go on with your day, pay the ticket and then go on with your life. The same can’t be said about a man in Maryland who is now finding himself in hot water over his behavior following a traffic stop in August.

According to reports, the man was given a $75 fine for a traffic citation over the summer. He had been stopped for making an illegal turn. The man appeared in court in November and pleaded not guilty. The judge sided with the officer and ended up giving the man a fine of $50 plus court costs. People say that the man left the courthouse in what could be described as a state of fury.

When the man returned home, he took to social media to express his discontent over the situation. Over the course of three days, the man sent text messages and posted vulgar insults on social media. Those messages were directed at the officer and one message was sent to a member of the officer’s family.

Because of his tirade, the man is now facing three counts of misuse of telephone and a count of electronic mail harassment.

There are a few takeaways from this including the fact that traffic violations and fines can be an emotional experience. People understandably take it personally when they are accused of something. Nevertheless, an emotional public outburst (on the road, in court, on social media) is usually not a practical way to deal with the situation.  If you are unhappy about the traffic ticket you received in New York, give us a ring to discuss.  It’s our job to take the emotion out of it and offer you practical solutions.  At the end of the day, you’ll still want to do what you can to minimize the impact a ticket has on your license and insurance and if you take angry, instead of measured, actions you may not be making the best decisions regarding these factors.