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New Survey Shows Who Gets Out of Tickets

Whenever a pretty lady gets pulled over by the cops in the movies, she always manages to get out of it by flirting a bit and maybe showing a pouty lip. When a man tries the same thing, he gets slapped with a ticket, often to comedic effect. However, a new poll shows that it’s time for that stereotype to die.

CheapCarInsurance recently polled 2,000 drivers across the United States regarding how often they are able to get out of traffic tickets. As it turns out, those who are most likely to get out of tickets are white men, 20 percent of whom said they could always talk their way out of it. Only 18 percent of white women reported the same. Black drivers reported much different numbers. The survey showed that only 15 percent of all black drivers said they could get out of ticket.

Overall, the survey shows that it is becoming much more difficult for anyone, regardless of gender or race, to talk their way out of a citation. About 28 percent of people said they could never get out of a ticket, while about 20 percent said they rarely could. However, those who did successfully get out of a ticket shared their secrets for doing so:

  • Telling the truth worked about 89 percent of the time
  • Showing remorse worked about 77 percent of the time
  • Flirting worked about 72 percent of the time
  • Making up an excuse worked about 68 percent of the time
  • Accidentally crying worked about 61 percent of the time
  • Purposefully crying worked about 60 percent of the time

About 80 percent of those surveyed said the police officer had a legitimate reason for pulling them over.

Just because you are in the vast majority of people who can’t get out of a ticket does not mean all hope is lost. If you’ve been issued a traffic citation in New York, contact the attorneys at Feifer & Greenberg today for a free consultation and to learn more about fighting your ticket.