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New York second to California in traffic ticket tweets

Freeinsurancequotes.com recently analyzed how many people have traffic tickets on their mind by measuring how many complaints about speeding tickets are posted (tweeted?) on Twitter.   They looked at all the tweets concerning speeding tickets and analyzed the percentage of those tweets that came from each state.  California leads the US in speeding ticket tweets, with 14 percent of all speeding ticket related tweets originating from the state of California.  Note that Los Angeles, with about 11 percent of the total California population, accounted for 44 percent of the California tweets.  Following California are New York speeding ticket tweets (8 percent), Texas (7 percent), Florida (6 percent) and Ohio (5 percent).  At 4 percent are Colorado, North Carolina, Virginia, Illinois and Georgia speeding ticket tweets.

There are interesting aspects to this.  For example, Illinois, with about 1.5 million more people than Ohio, had 20 percent fewer speeding ticket related tweets than Ohio.  By analyzing the data you can potentially get a feel for which states more aggressively issue and prosecute speeding tickets.  Or, depending on how you look at it, maybe we’re just learning which states have residents who are more likely to complain about stuff…

I’m still curious though what numbers are involved.  Are there 100 tweets about speeding tickets–which would obviously be quite a small percentage compared to the millions of overall tweets–and 14 came from California or are the number of tweets about speeding tickets in the millions?  While this study breaks down all the tweets about speeding tickets we still have no idea how many such tweets there are.  We’ll have to check that out ourselves I guess.

If you need help with a speeding ticket in Los Angeles (apparently many people do), that’s outside our range as NY traffic ticket lawyers.  You can find excellent Los Angeles speeding ticket attorneys at our national site TicketHELP.com.  Of course, if you have questions about a NY speeding ticket and want to do more than merely tweet your concerns, feel free to contact us anytime.