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NMA list of “worst places to drive”

The “summer driving season” is here and officially gets underway Memorial Day weekend.

More vehicles on the road means more potential traffic tickets and more enforcement of the traffic laws.

The National Motorists Association recently ranked the worst places to drive due to what they characterize as unfair traffic laws and public monitoring.

New York didn’t exactly do well on the list, but certainly did better than New Jersey.  New Jersey ranked the worst based on 17 factors, including:

  • Speed limits.
  • The use of red-light or speed cameras.
  • Laws banning cell phone use while driving.
  • Whether speeders are allowed jury trials.
  • The number of speed traps (weighted by population).

We can’t put it all on enforcement.  Holiday gatherings means drinking and potential dangerous driving and more enforcement certainly has an upside to it.

That said, those driving carefully and otherwise following the rules of the road should beware that, at this time of year, the extra enforcement might very well lead to the issuance of a speeding ticket or other traffic ticket that wasn’t deserved.

If you are issued a NY traffic ticket this holiday weekend, do your research and know your options.  It may be worth your while to fight your traffic ticket in NY.

If you plan to drive outside of NY, here is the National Motorist Association’s entire list:

1New Jersey18Florida35Hawaii
3Maryland20North Carolina37Alaska
5New York22Rhode Island39Mississippi
6Illinois23West Virginia40Wisconsin
7Delaware24New Hampshire41Utah
8Virginia25Arizona42South Dakota
9Washington26New Mexico43Indiana
11Colorado28Texas45North Dakota
16Vermont33South Carolina50Wyoming
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