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No More Job for Judge Who Dropped Daughter’s Ticket

While it’s admirable to always be there for and be willing to do anything for your children, sometimes you just have to walk away if your help will cross ethical boundaries and violate the public trust.  Such was the lesson learned recently by a town Justice in Broome County whose actions on behalf of his child led to his removal from office.    


The state’s highest court has removed J. Marshall Ayres, a Conklin Town Court justice, from office for improper actions related to attempts to get his daughter’s traffic ticket dismissed.  Mr. Ayres first tried to get the justice assigned to his daughter’s case removed from it.  When that didn’t work, he tried pressuring the prosecutor to drop the matter.


In May, the state’s Commission on Judicial Conduct recommended his removal from office.  Ayres disagreed with the recommendation and argued that he was acting as a parent, not a judge, in pressuring the court and prosecutor over his daughter’s traffic ticket.


Unfortunately for Ayres, the Court of Appeals removed him anyway.


The situation with his daughter wasn’t the only issue at hand.  Ayres was also accused of sending no less than eight letters to a Broome County Court calling a defense attorney’s arguments ludicrous after the justice presided over a case. The letters continued to fly after the justice was told to cease his behavior.
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