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Move Over Law In NY. Have You Been Issued A Ticket?

The NY Move Over Law is more than just a symbolic violation to honor Officers Ambrose and Searles for whom the law is named.

It’s a new law that went into effect on Jan 1, 2011 and we are starting to see officers out there for crackdowns specifically on motorists who fail to “move over” and switch lanes while approaching an emergency vehicle engaged on the side of the road.

A recent week long enforcement blitz in Poughkeepsie resulted in the issuance of 865 tickets.  A similar two day blitz in the Buffalo area resulted in 43 move over traffic tickets issued.

You can read more about the Ambrose-Searles NY Move Over Law or just keep in mind these two points:

  • On all roadways, you must reduce your speed when approaching an emergency vehicle.
  • On larger roadways (Parkways, Controlled Access Highways, roadways with multiple lanes) you must reduce your speed and move from the lane immediately adjacent to the emergency vehicle as soon as it’s safe to do so.

If you’ve been issued one of these tickets, let us know.  They carry two points and we’d love to hear the circumstances under which yours was issued.

Submitted by Scott Feifer, Esq