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How Can A NY Traffic Lawyer Help With Your Traffic Ticket?

NY traffic ticket attorneys.  Can a traffic lawyer help with a traffic violation in NYC and/or in a local town or village justice court?

I can say with 100% certainty that good traffic lawyers can help with every single moving violation issued in New York State.  Every single one.

My goal on a consultation is to provide a complete and quick analysis of your particular situation. After literally thousands and thousands of consultations about various moving violations in NY, I think I can help people walk through the most important considerations and leave them in a position to decide how to proceed.

This is how we can help anyone who is dealing with a moving violation.  Complete, concise and honest assessment of their particular situation.  Whether you have no idea what to do or are just looking for some confirmation of what you already think you know, we can always, at very least, help you decide how to deal with the traffic ticket.   Even if we tell you there is nothing we can do to help with your particular case, I’d like to think we’ve at least “helped” to the extent that you have a better handle on your situation and confirmation that you won’t need to add the expense of legal representation.

Typical considerations on a good traffic ticket consultation for a NY traffic ticket should include:

1.  What are the potential penalties?

  • Fines and surcharges.  Can vary greatly based on one’s driving record and the particular traffic violation in question.
  • Points.  Points are a concern because they are a measuring stick used by the DMV.  Point accumulation lets DMV know when they should assess you ($300+) and when they should suspend you (11 points, with exceptions).
  • Assessments.  At six points, the driver responsibility penalty is $300.  It’s $75 per point after six.  Points are calculated based on how many are accumulated in any 18 month period.
  • Insurance.  No two situations are the same when you consider all the factors involved (driving record, age, residence, type of car, particular policy and company, etc).  Generally, convictions for traffic tickets just aren’t good for one’s insurance.  In NY, any driver with multiple convictions of any type or severity, or even just a single ticket of moderate severity, may have legitimate concerns about insurance increases.
  • Suspension or revocation.  These penalties could be mandatory or discretionary (up to the particular judge).
  • Employment.  Many depend on their license to get to work and for others (CDL holders  to pizza delivery people) their license and privilege to drive is their work.
  • Personal.  Do you depend on your license to drive kids to and from activities?  For medical care for yourself of someone else?

2.  How do these potential penalties potentially affect you?

These penalties will vary from person to person.  Many depend on the particular violation, prior driving history and what the person does for a living.  Every situation is different.

3.  What can be done to avoid or minimize these potential penalties?  Is negotiation a possibility?  Should or must I proceed to trial to avoid the penalties?  Is there some other option?

4(a).  What are the chances I can avoid these penalties on my own?  Is it a routine letter to be written or class to be completed or is a full trial necessary?  There are some things unrepresented motorist can very easily do on their own.

4(b).  What will the cost be to me to represent myself?  Do you need to miss work to attend court?  How far do you live from the court?  Even an “easy” self-representation situation may have an overhead that doesn’t make it worth it.

5(a).  What are the chances a traffic attorney can avoid these penalties?  Are these chances of success different from the self-represented motorist’s?

5(b).  What will the traffic lawyer cost?

Once the consultation touches on all these, you should be in a position to make a decision.  May not be a slam dunk decision to proceed one way or the other, but you’re at least armed with all the information you’ll need to make informed choices with respect to your traffic ticket.

By Scott Feifer

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