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NY traffic ticket? Keep your cool every step of the way.

From the time you are pulled over through the very last word uttered at your hearing, it will never pay to lose your temper.

It won’t get you out of the traffic ticket.  it won’t convince the enforcement officer, prosecutor or judge that a big mistake has been made.

Losing your cool will never help and can only hurt your chances of success when it comes to fighting a speeding ticket or other traffic ticket in New York.

In some cases, losing your cool over a traffic ticket can actually do a lot more damage than a mere conviction.

Take Mr. Robert Luizzi, for example.  This morning he went to Schenectady Police Headquarters to take care of his traffic ticket when he was informed he needed to go to the department’s Traffic Services Division at a different location.

Annoyed he was in the wrong place, Mr. Luizzi angrily kicked a glass panel section of a door at the police station hard enough to crack the glass.

Damages were estimated at $250, he was charged with criminal mischief (a felony) at an arraignment later in the day and was eventually released and instructed to return July 15.  Now he has to deal with this felony charge and still has to deal with the original traffic ticket as well.

Reminds me of the new federal campaign: Kick-it or ticket.

The original story can be found here:  http://www.timesunion.com/AspStories/story.asp?storyID=816013.

Submitted by Scott Feifer, New York traffic lawyer.