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NYC Traffic Ticket Fixing Scandal May Get Worse

Murray Weiss of DNAinfo.com, who seems to be out in front of the news on this ticket fixing scandal, has reported that the whole mess may be getting worse.

The probe all started with recorded conversations and what was heard on thousands of hours of tape goes far beyond just fixing traffic violations for friends and family. Alleged misconduct includes officers trying to quiet domestic violence and drunk-driving incidents involving off-duty police and officers making arrangements involving prostitutes. Nothing to do with traffic tickets but the alleged misconduct will be tied with the traffic ticket scandal nonetheless.

Evidence is currently being presented to a Bronx grand jury that’s weighing criminal charges. Prosecutors are setting threshold levels to determine which cases will rise to the criminal level and which will remain internal police administrative disciplinary issues.

Weiss points out that right now the number of criminal cases may be near 40 while the number of administrative cases as high as 500.

Weiss also expresses a desire, and I agree, that only the most egregious abuses end up being treated harshly.

The original article can be found here.