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Fasten seat belt
14 Dec2017

Ohio Troopers Offer Help Instead of Ticket

There are a lot of good, caring, helpful law enforcement officers out there and one particular Ohio State Trooper and a sheriff’s deputy recently reminded us of that.  They decided that a family could use a bit of help more than a traffic citation during a car stop in Geauga County. The story goes like this:

The two officers conducted a traffic stop on Route 422. During that stop, the trooper noticed that a baby in the back seat wasn’t strapped into a restraint seat properly. Further, the trooper noticed that the seat was broken. While the trooper had every right under the law to charge the driver with a violation, she chose to do something else: pool a bit of money and buy the family a new car seat.

Together with the sheriff’s deputy, the trooper purchased a new car seat for the infant passenger. The family was then permitted to drive away with a new, safe car seat installed and without any ticket. They did receive a warning for the traffic infraction, but will not have to deal with coming up with the money to pay a citation.

The deputy involved in the stop said, “I thought the family at this time of year could use some help, so I thought we would try and go that route and help them out.” His chief said, “Here’s a perfect example of something good one of our guys can do and it was an awesome job.”

If you have been pulled over in New York and accused of committing a traffic violation, we can help you work through your options.  Feel free to call our team of experienced traffic ticket attorneys and we’re happy to provide an open and honest case assessment.