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We consider our firm to be a complete vehicle and traffic law firm.  We focus on creating a positive experience from your first contact with us through the close of your case. We feel there is no other traffic ticket law firm that can match our experience, customer service and results. Our goal is to make this a simple and stress-free experience for each of our clients.

Any traffic ticket law firm can claim they will fight for you and do their best to achieve a favorable outcome in your case. Any traffic ticket lawyer can show up in court and appear on your case. That said, we encourage anyone who is contemplating hiring an attorney to consider more than just that.

At Feifer & Greenberg, it’s simple.  We work to achieve the best results we can for our clients and we provide outstanding service throughout the process.  Whether you have been charged with a traffic violation such as speeding or cell phone use or with a more serious driving related misdemeanor such as Aggravated Unlicensed Operation or Reckless Driving, with our firm you can expect:

Open, honest, tailored case assessments.

When you first contact us for a consultation, we’ll tell you what we think of your case and your situation, both the good and the bad.  We’ll also advise you to the extent we can based on your personal situation including factors such as your existing driving record, the state you are licensed in, your particular employment situation, the court you are in, etc.  Consultations are free.

Focused, experienced and knowledgeable representation.

We’re a vehicle and traffic law firm.  This is all we do.  We feel it shows in our results.

Excellent Preparation.

Case managers are assigned to each one of our cases and these managers are charged with reviewing cases at least one week prior to the court date and prepping our attorneys to make sure all is in order.  We don’t want any surprises or last minute scrambling if we can avoid it.  If there is any problem with your case or any further information is needed you can expect a call from our office.

Attorneys with particular local experience in all counties/courts.

Many attorneys will travel hours to handle a single case if they are not part of a good statewide network of attorneys. Trying to cover many counties with fewer attorneys leads to higher fees, stressed out lawyers arriving late to court and lesser results.  Feifer & Greenberg has built a large, reliable statewide network of in-house and of-counsel attorneys who are familiar with the courts they appear in.  No matter where in New York your case is, our statewide coverage enables us to charge the same low flat fees and provide the same experienced representation.

Outstanding Communication.

The communication starts during your consultation and continues throughout your case.  Our clients receive an Introduction Package which explains the procedure and what we need to move forward. It includes paperwork such as authorization forms and documents detailing what to expect, who to contact with questions, etc.  We also ask you to set forth any special circumstances you’d like us to consider in your defense. We provide updates as your case progresses and we are always available to answer any questions you may have.  Our goals are to make sure you know what’s happening, that we are prepared and that we remain on the same page through the conclusion of your case.


Christopher C.

You guys have been a pleasure to deal with and I will certainly recommend your services - point speeding ticket reduced to a parking violation

Adam S.

Outstanding. I was expecting the worst and now I find out months later that we won. Really cool. Drinks on me! Disobey Traffic Device dismissed.

Adam S.


I received notice that my case was heard in Queens County and that both summonses were dismissed. To say the least, I was extremely happy. Speed and failure to signal dismissed.



Thank you so much Scott. I have been very impressed with your service and common sense. Criminal misdemeanor reduced to a violation.


David M.

Please thank everyone for their excellent representation in this case. 4 point speeding ticket reduced to a parking violation.

David M.

Joseph E.

Tell the gang I cannot THANK them enough! I said I would double the fee so let me know who to make check out to!!!! – 70/55 dismissed

Joseph E.

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