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Paying traffic tickets in chronological order?

There was an article posted recently on a Nashville, Tennessee news website about a student who went to pay for a speeding ticket. When he got there, he was told he had 3 outstanding red light camera tickets that he didn’t know about.

Like in NY, the camera tickets and speeding ticket really have nothing to do with each other. The speeding ticket is a moving violation which can potentially affect your driving record. Red light camera tickets are treated like parking tickets written against the registration because an individual driver cannot be identified.

Unlike New York, however, for some reason they are forcing this student to pay the red light tickets before he can pay the speeding ticket because the red light tickets were issued first.  Apparently you must pay tickets in chronological order there.

Of all the issues people have trying to figure out which agencies to deal with, what they owe, how to fight, whey they weren’t notified of certain tickets but were for others, which tickets may affect insurance and how, staying timely on tickets and avoiding suspension, etc, this is a new one for me.

In this case, failure to pay the red light camera tickets will not affect his driving privilege but failure to pay the speeding ticket ultimately will. Now he needs to come up with the money for these non-moving violations first and, if he doesn’t do it quickly enough, he’ll be suspended for the speeding ticket.

Just seems like an unnecessary additional burden on people who are already burdened by different types of multiple, low level summonses.

If you happen to have a question about a Tennessee traffic ticket or other issue, you may be able to consult with a Tennessee traffic ticket attorney.