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Police Chief Punished for Ticket Dismissal

Every job has its perks. People in veterinary offices may receive free or discounted care for their pets. Teachers get discounts at a variety of stores simply by showing their ID. Police officers may get treated differently at traffic stops because of their badge. But wait. Should they?

If you ask officials in Wilson, Oklahoma, the answer is “no.” The police chief in the city of Wilson has found himself in hot water after dismissing a traffic ticket. The traffic was received by a former sheriff, and the police chief is being punished for showing favoritism.

According to reports, the ex-sheriff received a citation for not changing lanes to allow an emergency vehicle to travel safely. The police chief dismissed the ticket, stating that the ex-sheriff had said it wasn’t safe to change lanes at the time. City council didn’t agree. They decided that the chief overstepped as he is not a judge, a mayor or the issuing officer.

As a result of his dismissal, the chief will be suspended for a month without pay. As for the ex-sheriff, it’s not his first time in the news. The man was arrested in 2016 for willful neglect of duty, maladministration and corruption in office. The corruption charges stem from an incident in which it was discovered that the ex-sheriff allowed people to use meth inside of his home and in his presence.

You don’t have to be a law enforcement officer to have a traffic citation dismissed through the proper channels. If you have received a citation in New York, reach out to our team of experienced traffic ticket attorneys. We will review you stop and the charges stemming from it, and we will advise you of your legal options.