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Really? A Ticket For This?

We don’t fight parking tickets, but I thought this was a great example of the lack of common sense and/or desire to do the right thing that we’ll see from a small percentage of the enforcement officers out there in certain situations.

There seems to have been some kind of traffic accident in NYC. A parked car was pushed into a crosswalk and onto a curb. Multiple cars were involved. Police arrive on the scene and the video below focuses on one particular action they took–issuing a ticket to the parked car that was pushed into a crosswalk for parking on a crosswalk.

From the pictures and video and audio accounts, it seems pretty obvious that there was an accident and that something had happened here. If the ticketing agent or officer was at all concerened with doing the right thing, he or she would not have written the ticket or at least voided it once it was written. I don’t buy that there aren’t some exceptions or ways around the ridiculous “sorry, I already wrote it” line we hear over and over.

People make mistakes and I like to give the benefit of the doubt to individual officers. Certainly the actions of one particular person doesn’t mean that everyone in the same position would have made the same decision. All that said, the issuing officer here was either extremely malicious or extremely clueless. In either case it’s hard to accept that this person is still walking around issuing tickets.

By Scott Feifer