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Remembering the Routine Traffic Stop that Halted Son of Sam

An interesting story has been revived by news recently to mark an important anniversary. People of a certain age may have known the story but forgotten it. Those who are quite a bit younger may be hearing it for the first time. It’s been 40 years since Son of Sam was thwarted. Despite hundreds of law enforcement officers tasked with catching the man, it was a single traffic ticket that brought him down.

Son of Sam, real name David Berkowitz, was a serial killer that terrorized the state of New York. People envisioned a monster but, when he was caught, the man proved to be an ordinary man. People, in fact, were surprised by just how ordinary the killer was. Employed as a postal worker, the man had strong ties to the community yet still committed horrible acts. By the time he was caught, six people were dead and seven more wounded.

The city of New York formed a task force comprised of 200 people to track the killer down. It was none of these officers that caught Son of Sam, but routine police work. Witnesses reported seeing an odd man near the scene of what would be the final shooting. Police checked all traffic tickets issued in the area and eventually tracked down Berkowitz. It proved that simple.

Thanks to a traffic ticket, Berkowitz remains in prison. At 64, the man is a born-again Christian and runs his own website.

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