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04 Dec2014

Henry D

I hired this firm in September of 2013 to represent me in a case involving two red light tickets I received during a police trap in lower Manhattan. My case is still pending but I’m so happy with Feifer and Greenberg that I decided to write this review now before my case is settled.
From the start, they were very forthright and realistic about my chances of beating the tickets. I got two complimentary consultations from the firm’s attorneys — th
e first by phone, the second in-person at their Manhattan offices. I never got the impression that they were solely out for my money or that they were patronizing me.
The fee they charged me was more than reasonable and well below what competing firms and private attorneys in the area had quoted me. Some of the competitors felt justified in charging me higher fees because I received two tickets for the same incident, but Feifer and Greenberg was kind enough to treat the two tickets as a single case for billing purposes.
The best part of all has been the administrative staff and how they have been staying on top of my case and keeping me constantly updated on its status. After each court appearance the attorney makes, I promptly get an email from the office informing me of what happened in court, what I have to do next (if anything), and when the next court date is. I never have to call the office to ask what happened — they always contact me first.
So far, Feifer and Greenberg has delayed my case long enough so that, by the next my next court date comes around, it will have been almost two years from the time I received the tickets! This is all without me ever having to appear in court or go before a judge. Honestly, I’m so happy with this firm that I’d still give them a favorable review even if I end up being found guilty and having to pay the tickets. Definitely money well spent