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08 Feb2018

Lap Wah L.

I received a speeding ticket in NYC area near Bronx, coming home from Bruckner Expressway. Conveniently the cop had me going 74mph in a 50mph zone. Right above the 21 mile cutoff ensuring I would be hit with 6pts and $300 DRA fine, on top of the $195 ticket. I did some research and from everything I read on the internet, it seemed that NYC TVB did not plea bargain so it was all or none if you tried to dispute your ticket. I did a bunch of research on all of the traffic lawyers online. Feifer, Weiss and number of others I forget the names (one was previously a judge). They all charge around the same amount. Feifer charged me $350. They all say they can get you off but if you press them about NYC TVB, they will backtrack with a disclaimer. It’s a volume business so you won’t get the top guy representing you during trial. Read the reviews, it’s usually some employee of their firms. They got this business down to a science. Some of the tricks that I discovered they use were to postpone a hearing until they could get a “friendly” judge. Whatever that means. Or if the cop doesn’t show up on the day of the hearing. The case is thrown out. If they do show-up, try to find mistakes in how they recall the events of that day or perhaps they incorrectly wrote up the ticket. I got my original ticket around 5/2013. Had a few postponement before I finally got a verdict in 3/2014. 10 months later. I was a bit surprised to find that the judge reduced my points down to 4 and charged me $130 fine. Given that if I had been penalized the full amount it would have cost me 6pt and $195 + $300 versus 4pt and $350 + $130. I basically saved 2 pts, $15 and time in court. Was it worth it? Yes I would say so, since that 10 month wait is counted against my rolling 18 month period so there are only 8 more months left before the points are off my record. I was really surprised at the point reduction since everything I read seemed to indicate “all or none” verdict. The secret sauce might be the “friendly” judge. 😉 I wholeheartedly recommend Feifer & Greenberg. Scott Feifer was responsive. Their website was very informative. Their staff was spot-on. If you do get caught speeding in NYC (please don’t), give them a try.