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28 Jul2013

Robert Scott Conroy

On a late night coming home last September I received a summons, which needless to say was really causing me a lot of anxiety. It wasn’t only so much about getting the fine, but the lingering after affects of being potential punished by my insurance company. It just didn’t seems fair after so many years of having a clean drivers license.
In a conversation about my summons with a friend of mine, he recommended speaking with Matthew Greenberg (at N
Y Ticket Help). So I gave him a call what did I have to lose?
In my consultation with Mr. Greenberg he made it very clear what my options were and how to proceed (should I decide to protest the summons) . He was also very honest about how long it could possibly take and how the courts work. Keeping it very real , he did not try to sell me false hopes.
Mr. Greenberg’s clarity kept me control of the situation and without pressure led me to realize it was worth fighting the summons. With that being said; after the call and some thoughts I decided it was defiantly worth the fight.
I was also very impressed that the staff at “NY Ticket Help” kept me informed of the court status every step of the way. My case was handled in represent in a very professional manor from start to finish, with minimal inconvenience and less stress than I expected.
L:astly, I was pleasantly surprised and elated with the outcome.
If you get traffic summons, you owe it to yourself to call “NY Ticket Help” and find out your rights and options. I highly recommend it!
Thanks Mathew!