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08 Feb2018

Yuriy U.

Had fairly “unbeatable” tickets. One for a stop sign and one for seatbelt. My 15 year old sister in the back seat was not buckled up and apparently she must be. When was the last time you saw a teenager in a back seat with seatbelt on? If those tickets went through, I would be facing fines, points, insurance hike and NY’s “driver responsibility assessment” fee of $300. Because apparently if you pay the fee, state considers you to be a safe driver? What? I found these people after a very quick google search and was fairly skeptical. But gave it a shot anyway. Submitted my info and got a callback from an attorney. Explained the situation and was told how the process will work. They took care of everything. I was on vacation out of the country and received an email from their office administrator telling me that all tickets were dismissed! I am not sure how they pulled it off, but I am glad they did.