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Rockland County speeding tickets on Route 304

Speeding tickets are up along Route 304 in Clarkstown.  Watch your speed…particularly where the speed limit dips to 35 MPH in the New City – Bardonia area.

Why is this noteworthy?

One, it’s a good example of how the speed limit can vary on a single roadway.  Sections of Route 304 are 55 mph limit.  It’s easy to forget to slow down when the speed limit changes and officers are most likely to enforce near the area where the limit drops.

Second, I grew up right around there.  It’s a stretch I’ve personally driven hundreds of times and almost never at 35mph.  An otherwise mundane story of speeding tickets that happened to hit particularly close to home.

If you’ve been issued a Rockland County traffic ticket, feel free to contact us anytime.

Submitted by Scott Feifer