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Safe Cabbies Honored by City

If you’ve ever driven through the pedestrian, traffic sign, construction and congestion laden streets of New York City, you can imagine how hard it must be to drive in NYC for a living and to do so safely.  Despite all the obstacles, TLC license holder William Adebrese has managed quite well.  The cabbie was recently honored by the city for having completed close to 19,000 trips and not once receiving a citation or being involved in a traffic collision.


The licensed TLC driver said that the most important things are being extra careful and having patience. He also said something that many drivers should listen to: “Even if you’re running late, the most important thing is to get there safe.”


The driver was one of just 420 who were honored at the beginning of October at the fourth annual Safety Honor Roll. The Taxi and Limousine Commission honors drivers for safety records, completion of ADA-accessible trips and customer service. To be honored by the commission, drivers must not have any safety violations, traffic violations or crashes that involve injury.


The commission oversees close to 170,000 professional drivers who work for cab companies, liveries and black car services. This year, there have been 32 crashes involving drivers holding licenses with the commission. Those crashes involved critical injuries or fatalities. It is unclear how many crashes resulted in minor or no injuries.
If you are a TLC or other driver that hasn’t had the same good fortune as Mr. Adebrese with respect to avoiding traffic violations in New York, feel free to reach out and contact us for a free consultation.  You do have the right to contest the charges.