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School Zone Sign Too Wordy, Says Judge

A judge in Seattle has tossed a camera-generated ticket for a second time due to the same issue: School-zone signs in the city are too wordy.

According to reports, a man received a camera-generated speeding ticket in May 2016. The ticket said the man was driving 28 mph in the imposed 20 mph school zone. The man’s fine was $234 and a judge in municipal court upheld it. The man wasn’t done fighting.

He took his ticket and his case to the county’s superior court. He acted as his own attorney and he got the original decision reversed. The judge sided with the man on the following points:

  • Signs in the city possess the wording “WHEN CHILDREN ARE PRESENT” and “OR WHEN FLASHING.” According to national traffic law standards, a school zone should have one sign of the other.
  • State code requires that the city matches regulations and examples contained in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, a federal standard.

Because this is the second win for people who have chosen to fight these tickets based on wording, and because signage remains the same, some are planning on filing a class action lawsuit seeking refunds for the fines that have been paid after receiving one of these tickets in the mail.

If you have received a traffic ticket in New York, you have the right to fight it. Reach out to our team today to discuss your legal options. We will discuss the details of your citation and advise you of your options moving forward.