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Second Person Accused of False Report

Previously, we wrote regarding an item in the news about a woman who had called emergency services to report a crime in the hopes that the officer following her would turn off to respond to the crime. The police in that situation quickly realized that the reported crime was a false report.  For the second time in in a matter of days, a person has attempted to pull the same stunt.


According to reports, a woman was driving along Jericho Turnpike in East Northport just after 11 a.m. She was pulled over because of a registration sticker violation. The officer was writing the woman a ticket when the woman called 911. She reported seeing two men with guns in the street. The officer writing the ticket let the woman go so that he could respond to that report.


Police from separate districts responded to the false call, eventually discovering that it was a false alarm. The woman who was pulled over will now be facing traffic citations along with charges for calling 911 and reporting a false crime.
This plan of attack is never a good way to get out of a traffic ticket and, as we have seen, typically results in more charges. If you have been pulled over and an it looks like you are getting issued a traffic ticket, remain calm and be polite.  If you cannot nicely talk your way out of it, just accept it–you have no choice.  With the summons in hand, you can then give us a call.  We’ll be happy to offer a free consultation and discuss potential ways to legally avoid the consequences of a traffic citation in New York.