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Service No Summons Veterans Ticket Program


Feifer & Greenberg LLP will be offering free legal services to qualified United States military Veterans fighting potentially costly and time consuming New York City traffic violations.


The state of New York is home to more than 900,000 United States military Veterans represented by a varied community of individuals from different backgrounds and of different ages. Veterans aged 65 to 69 comprise 15 percent of the state veteran population, and a large percentage of that group are Vietnam Vets.


They are different people involved in different conflicts at different times in different parts of the world, yet they all have something in common: They all made personal sacrifices for the country. Unfortunately, their service doesn’t prevent them from falling victim to the enforcement of local traffic laws that can sometimes seem more about revenue generation than safety.


There are programs set up to assist Veterans trying to buy a home, and programs set up to offer Vets free access to state parks or assistance with mental or physical health, etc. While our program deals with an issue often viewed as relatively minor compared to some of life’s bigger challenges, a traffic violation or driver license issue can be a huge deal. It can affect a person’s ability to work or to care for family. A traffic citation can easily snowball from a routine car stop to a big problem and large expense.


“The premise is simple,” attorney Scott Feifer says. He explains that they’ve been helping friends and family for years for little or no legal fees with what ranges from a minor nuisance for some to a major problem for others. “My partner and I decided that we could easily expand our family and friends ‘discounts’ to include a group we wanted to offer services to, and we quickly honed in on Veterans.”


The “Service No Summons” program entitles all Veterans to discounts on typical legal matters and benefits like free record checks and analysis, free assistance investigating suspensions and free detailed consultations that go above and beyond the typical consultations offered by the firm. To celebrate the launch of “Service No Summons,” Feifer & Greenberg will be offering free moving violation defense in NYC to the first 200 qualified Veterans who request their assistance.


“We’re good at what we do, and we’ll do our best to help a lot of Veterans fight to avoid points, insurance increases and other losses incurred as a result of routine traffic violation charges,” Feifer says.




To qualify, your summons must be answerable to the NYS Traffic Violations Bureau (Staten Island / Richmond County office not included) and must be an open and timely case.  Only one case per Veteran is eligible to qualify for the free defense program.  


You may be asked to submit a copy of your DD-214, WD AGO or NAVPERS form and establish that you are a veteran of the US military who was Honorably Discharged, received a Clemency Discharge with a Certificate of Completion, received an Entry Level Separation or otherwise are in good standing with the military.


If you believe you qualify for our program, please fill out the form to the right and we’ll contact you shortly to discuss your case and qualifications.  Certain restrictions will apply on a case by case basis, as particular individual situations may include certain complications based on one’s driving history or particularly severe charges that require services above and beyond the scope of a typical traffic violation case.

Service No Summons Veterans Ticket Program

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