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South Dakota Strictly Enforcing 80 MPH Speed Limit

Late in 2015, the South Dakota legislature passed a funding bill after slipping in an amendment raising the top speed limit in the state to 80 mph. Because the amendment was slipped in, there was very little discussion about it.

In under a month, speed limit signs that depicted the state’s old speed limit of 75 mph were replaced with new ones that read 80 mph. South Dakota had officially secured its place as one of the few states in the country with a speed limit set so high. As soon as the new speed limit was put into effect, the Highway Patrol Superintendent said that the speed limit would be strictly enforced.

Since the new speed limit went into effect, the number of tickets written by state troopers has spiked. Prior to the 80 mph limit going into effect, just under 13,000 tickets were written. After the speed limit went into effect, they wrote just over 18,000. On the first day of the new speed limit, troopers wrote 36 tickets. In April 2015, troopers handed out 1,012 speeding tickets.

Anyone who decides to drive through South Dakota on two wheels or four should pay close attention to their speedometer. Law enforcement is very serious about making sure that drivers don’t travel even a single mile over the speed limit. Studies have shown that officers are using less discretion when it comes to handing out tickets in favor of enforcing the rules across the board.

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