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Spending Money on Window Tints Could Cost You Twice

Whether you are a car enthusiast or simply a vehicle owner who wants to give their old car a new look, you may be thinking about tinting your windows. After all, blacked out windows can look nothing short of stunning on the right car. Before you take your car to the body shop to have your windows darkened, think twice. You could be paying for the tint and a ticket.

A new law set forth by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) on January 1, 2017, requires that the tint on windows be tested during annual inspections. The tinting standards set forth in the law are nothing new, but the fact that they will now be tested is. Every time a car is taken to be inspected for registration, windows will be tested to ensure that they allow at least 70 percent of outside light to shine through.

According to the Director of Vehicle Safety for the state, Steven Cooper, “New York’s requirements for window tinting are the same as federal requirements for window tinting.”

Up until this year, and as is true in most states, being ticketed for too-dark tint was subjective. You could drive past an officer on Monday without issue. You could drive past an officer on Wednesday and be pulled over. As of now, you may have those same experiences with the police, but you won’t get by the state inspector.

It may seem to be on the far side of picky to worry about the color of a vehicle’s windows, but windows that are difficult to see through put law enforcement officers at risk during vehicle pursuits and traffic stops. If a vehicle’s windows are found to be so dark that at least 70 percent of the outside light does not shine through, the vehicle’s owner can be fined up to $150.

If you are ticketed in New York, an experienced attorney can help you fight for your rights in traffic court. Call Feifer & Greenberg for a free consultation today.

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