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Suffolk County officers get high and issue traffic tickets

Traffic enforcment in Suffolk County (Long Island), NY may soon involve the use of airplanes.

The county sheriff’s office is testing the use of a small plane to spot bad drivers.

It’s just a trial program right now.  Last Friday, a plane flew low over the Long Island Expressway.  Spotters in the plan looked for aggressive drivers and radioed details to deputies below.

Sheriff’s deputies handed out 88 traffic tickets between 7:30 and 10:30 a.m., many based on what the spotters saw from the single-engine plane.

The spotters interviewed seemed impressed with the ability to see everything that was happening below very clearly.  Cars changing lanes unsafely, moving faster than others, tailgating, etc.

The plane was a loaner from Bergen County, N.J., but Suffolk County has already applied to the federal government for funding for its own plane.

Submitted by Scott Feifer