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The most accidents and speeding tickets? Lawyers and doctors.

Two of the professions historically linked with car crashes have been doctors (to help the injured) and lawyers (to help the injured collect).

Turns out these professions are actually linked with car accidents in a more direct fashion. Doctors and lawyers are at the top of a report recently released by Quality Planning Corp. setting forth how frequently people in various occupations are involved in accidents. Doctors ranked first and lawyers second.

Architects were third. Real Estate Brokers were fourth.

Students were far and away the category most likely to be involved in accidents but are considered separate from the other categories because they are not a “profession”.

Quality Planning Corp. is a California company in the business of compiling information for insurance companies and will occasionally issue reports related to their findings.

While the reports are based on fact, we can only theorize with respect to why certain professions or groups rank higher than others.

With students, it’s easy to see the connection. A lack of experience seems to be the most logical prevailing factor.

With doctors and lawyers and the other high ranking professions, the connection isn’t as clear. One theory is that professions with long hours and higher stress are more likely to be at the top of the list.

For every 1,000 students, there are about 152 accidents and 87 speeding tickets per year, the report showed. That compares with 109 accidents and 44 speeding tickets for doctors and 106 accidents and 37 speeding tickets for lawyers.

The remaining professions on the top 10 list of those most likely to be involved in a crash, starting with number five, are enlisted military personnel, social workers, manual laborers, analysts, engineers and consultants.

The safest on the list were farmers.  Open spaces, less urban areas and slow moving farm vehicles perhaps?

The next safest were firefighters, with 67 annual accidents per 1,000, and pilots, with 75.  Note they also ranked 29th and 33rd (out of 40), respectively, in the number of speeding tickets they received.  This makes sense–these are people whose very job is all about safety.

The next three safest–all tied–were homemakers, politicians and members of the clergy.

The top ten list on insure.com can be found here and the orginal article by Ken Valenti of the Journal News reporting the findings can be found here.

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