The TVB (NYC TRAFFIC TICKETS) Expected To Reopen on 7/6/20. Click here for more information.
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The Issue with PBA Cards in NYC

The City of New York employs a very large police force with nearly 35,000 uniformed officers on the payroll. Current Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to increase that number...

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Free Programs for Veterans in New York

  Military veterans volunteered to risk their lives to protect the freedom of those back home. In honor of their service to the United States, there are several...

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How Your Junior License Could Get Suspended

Few teen experiences are more exciting than learning how to drive. It’s the first taste of freedom after being driven around by mom and dad for your whole life. In New...

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How to Dress for Traffic Court

If you have decided to fight your traffic ticket in New York, you may be appearing in court to plead your case or negotiate a plea bargain.  If you’ve hired an...

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