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Traffic Ticket Scam Moves Beyond New York

Earlier in June, we shared a story of a phishing scam occurring in New York that advised email recipients of phony traffic charges. The email scam has made its way outside of New York and into other states including, most recently, Virginia.

Officials in the state say that the email has been popping up in Shenandoah Valley. In it, the recipient is advised that they have received a traffic citation and advises them to pay online. The scam is this: The recipient did not, in fact, receive a ticket and owes no money.

The subject line of one such email shown to police was “Notice of Traffic Violation.” The return address for the email was the Department of Motor Vehicles, but the email address of the sender was fake. The body of the email advised the recipient to pay the citation online through an outside website.

Officials say that traffic citations can be paid online, but not through third-party websites. Anyone who questions whether or not they actually received a traffic citation is urged to contact the stated issuer of that ticket. A real citation will be kept on file and can easily be looked up and confirmed.

Avoid phishing scams, no matter their origination. If you are asked to provide passwords, personal information or even payments, always verify the information you have been provided. Very few, if any, creditors will ask you to pay via email without you having first established some type of payment arrangement.

If you have received a traffic ticket in New York, you have rights. Contact our office today for assistance.